Lowpass.cc is the text-portfolio of Los Angeles-based freelance journalist Janko Röttgers. Röttgers covers technology, economic and cultural subjects for European and US media outlets.

Janko Röttgers is the author of the German-language book "Mix, Burn & R.I.P. - Das Ende der Musikindustrie" (the end of the music industry), which was published in 2003. In 2001 he co-edited the book "Netzpiraten - Die Kultur des elektronischen Verbrechens" (net pirates - the culture of electronic crime) together with Armin Medosch.

Some of his customers are c't, De:Bug, Focus Online, Futurezone, GigaOm, heise.de, Newteevee.com, ORF OE1, das medium magazin, Tomorrow and Zeit.de.

Röttgers is also the editor of the P2P Blog.


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